Our Sik Story

At Sitorie, we believe in the timeless notion that true luxury is inherently personal. It's not just in the material or its branding, but in the story each piece tells. Our journey began with a clear and profound goal: to create the ultimate personalized gift for those who treasure uniqueness and quality.

We sought out the finest materials, settling for nothing less than 18 momme 100% mulberry silk, renowned for its luster, durability, and delicate touch. Each scarf is a testament to timeless craftsmanship, with hand-rolled edges that speak to an attention to detail reminiscent of luxury brands. Yet, we deliver this quality at prices within reach, redefining what luxury means.

Embracing our cultural roots, Sitorie scarves preserve traditional Chinese craftsmanship. Our exclusive partnership with a Hangzhou-based silk producer honors the city's 5000-year history as the cradle of silk, and ethically manufactures each piece of garment. This connection to heritage is subtly woven into every scarf, bridging the past and present in each elegant design.

Sitorie is more than a brand; it's a statement of luxury, personalization, and cultural respect. Each scarf is not just a gift, but a meaningful gesture, wrapping your loved one in a story as unique and precious as they are.